Metronome 999

Metronome 999 is a metronome application for iPhones and iPads. Metronome 999 has more that 999 beat sounds to choose from!

Why Metronome 999?

Experience new sounds during your daily practice by using new and fun metronome 999 sounds and sound pairs: sounds from drums, nature, animals, sports, and more.

Metronome 999 is free to download and use. 999+ sounds in 23 sound categories are offered (500+ sounds for free). In the "Metronome 999 Pro" sound library with 999+ sounds, nearly 200 sounds are also offered as pre-made paired sounds in “Simple Mix” and “Double Mix” categories, like a sound pair of Guiro and Hi-Hats, a sound pair of Tambourine and Snare Drum, or different birds sound pairs.

Key Features

In addition to 999+ sounds, Metronome 999 offers other features, such as the possibility of customizing a list of favorite sounds and re-ordering them to create a cutom sounds list for a quck access on the main screen, the Mechanical metronome functioning, and the Tempo Challenge.

999 Metronome Sounds!

Offering 999+ sounds to be used as metronome beat sounds! This unique feature lets users of Metronome 999 choose the metronome sounds from a big variety of sounds from traditional metronome sounds like woodblocks, castanets, clicks, and digital sounds to non-traditional sounds like many musical instruments, Theremin, sports hits, whistles, human Sounds, birds and other animals, sounds from nature and more.

Beats Per Bar

Ability to play a louder sound or a different sound for beat one of each beat group. The “Beats in Groups of” feature in Metronome 999 let the user to hear the beats as groups of of 1, 2, 3, 4, …., 60, 61, 62, 63, 64 sounds in which beat one in each group sounds louder that the following beats in the group or beat one sounds different from the rest of the group to demonstrate something like a time signature. This feature may be known as “time signature”, “beats per bar” or “beats per measure” to metronome application users or digital metronome users.

Customized Quick-Access Sounds List

Ability to change the metronome sounds to another favorite sound on the main screen by only one click: By offering a “Quick-Access Sounds” list on the main screen of the app, the user can change the metronome sound easily by moving to the left or right of the list of “Quick-Access Sounds” list. User can always choose and re-ordered this list on other screen, and scroll or click though the sounds in this list to set them as the metronome sound before, after or while the metronome is playing beat sounds.

Tempo Challenge

Ability to change the functioning of +_ buttons on "Tempo" setting.  tempo Challenge will help the user to define a challenge to increase the tempo after every performance or rehearsal of the piece of music. For example, the user may set it to 5. As a result, every time the user press +_ button to increase the "Tempo", tempo will increase by 5 numbers (BPM) instead of 1. The "Tempo Challenge" feature options are Mechanical, 1,2,3,...,10, and 20.

Reordered Quick Sounds List

Ability to change the order of sounds that user has chosen to be on the “ Quick-Access Sounds” List. User can change the order of the multiple sounds that they have chosen from the sound library of 999+ sounds. By re-ordering the list, user decides on which sound would be the first sound on the list, which sound would be the second one, and would do similarly for the rest of the sounds on the list. Then, scrolling and picking the more-frequently-used sounds or more-used-sounds will be faster and easier on the main screen of the Metronome 999 app. 

Mechanical Metronome Function

Functioning like a Mechanical metronome with 40 42 44 46 48 ... 192 200 208 BPMs. Metronome 999 beat per minute can work like a mechanical metronome if the user set the "Tempo Challenge" feature on "Mechanical". As a result, the number of BPM will change like a mechanical metronome (40 42 44 ... 192 200 208.)when user press +_ buttons of the "Tempo" in "Settings Scroll".

Easy to use and customize Sounds List

As a Metronome 999 user, you can play and listen to sound samples (999+ sounds) provided on a categorized list inside the app, then choose multiple of your favorite ones by turning on their switch. On another screen back to the main screen, you may also re-order your chosen sounds however you like. Then, when you are back to the main screen, you have them added to the sounds Quick-List for your quick and easy access to up to 200 sounds (50 sounds for the free version of the app) while the metronome is playing.
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